Wooden Rustic Desk Idea That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Every once again just when I think I can’t be amazed at someone’s desk battlestation lo-and-behold I’m blown away by another setup.  Today’s Wooden Rustic desk is one of the more impressive ideas I’ve come across since starting this website.  There is something to be said about simplicity and cable free looks but when you can throw some sexy texture into the equation with brick and wall mount and ultrawide monitor onto it then I have to give you two major thumbs up.

This setup comes courtesy of Reddit user SBR-88 who put together a setup that will probably become the top rated desk of the month (although it’s in tight competition with this old Cotton Mill setup) for July.  While the components of this setup are all to easy to pickup and recreate it, the backsplash of brick is what really separates this setup from a lot of the others.

Sure if you have brick go for it but if not we have some ideas below that may help you achieve this look with a twist.

Computer Desk Setup and Accessories

The highlight of the scene is certainly the stone work done on the back facing wall.  If you fancy yourself a serious DIY’er then you can easily go to your local tile store and pick up some stuff you think that would look awesome and get to work.  If you’re out of town you can always look on Amazon for tiles and have them delivered.

Another option altogether is to pull of a fake and by saying that use a wallpaper that mimics the look of stone tile.  While a lot of people are not terribly fond of Wallpaper it has come along way since the days of flowers and other designs we associate it with from the 70’s.

Some of the options I found were:

  • Some of these Wallpaper selections, be-careful when choosing a textured Wallpaper as not all are created equal.  These ones have had incredibly positive reviews.
  • You can also look into Peel and Stick backsplashes.  If you’re in it to save money this won’t really save you that much with this method but it’s easy to use and hassle free unlike putting up your own tile.


More Wooden Rustic Desk Pictures

Wooden/Rustic working space and future gaming setup, plus a lot of fresh air..

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