Minimal Reclaimed Wooden Gaming Desk

We probably say it all the time but today’s desk is certainly a thing of beauty.  We absolutly love minimalistic gaming desks but when you combine the rustic history of a beautiful wooden desk then you’ve truly got something spectacular brewing.

Today’s desk comes courtesy of Reddit (and Imgur) user zbeegniev who set out on his second time to build a a minimalistic design.  Truly a work of art if you’re looking to recreate this setup you’re going to need to get your hands dirty…at least if you want to recreate the desk.  Zbeegniew put together a desk from reclaimed wood and then assembled his PC together in a simple tray you can pick up from Ikea (look below at more pictures).

If you’re looking to have something to really WOW your visitors this is something at the top of your list.

The Desk and It’s Accessories

If you’re looking for information on the desk itself, look below.  We’ve attached a YouTube Video that showcases the creation.  For the rest of the periphrials here they are:

The Computer Desk Build


Desk Album, Pictures and Closeups

My highly minimal home office

What did we miss?  Like what you see?  Feel free to drop us a comment below!  If you’re looking for more gaming desk inspiration search through the rest of our site!

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