Triple Monitor Setup in an Old Cotton Mill

Today we’re featuring a unique take on a Triple monitor setup provided by reems2020. There are a couple on cool things going on in this setup, the first thing we noticed was the different take on how they used triple monitors. This setup provides a more ergonomic solution we find as opposed to the triple monitors you usually see laid out side by side. Let’s face it, now a day’s you don’t need anything other then an ultra-wide for your gaming needs ;).

Second is it’s location. Reems2020 built this inside of an old cotton mill which is his/her home. Pretty slick and the perfect place to go deep into a game shooting your favorite zombies, some horror genre or reliving Silent Hill…seems like it could be an eerie but awesome place in the evenings.

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What do you think about this setup and the location?  Did we miss anything? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think in the comments below.  If you want to have your site showcased feel free to submit your gaming desk setup by clicking here:

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