Modern Setup With Wall Hanging PC

One of the latest trends to scour gaming desk setups has to be the impressive look of wall hanging your PC. Wall hanging helps to clear up some space on any modern desk and if executed the right way can really provide a showcase piece.

Perhaps one of the hardest challenges is creating a look that looks great but is cord free. To do this in most scenarios you’re going to need to be comfortable with some handy work. If you need electrical work done we highly advise to hire a professional but there are certainly many ways to create a look that will drop jaws to any friends who come over.

Case in point just look at official_iberioN‘s setup. No extra wiring was needed, instead two bars were installed on each side to allow for cable to run through them.

It may not be the cleanest look on Gaming Desk Ideas but we love the general look and think it’s awesome (Reddit would agree). Love the look? Let us know in the comments below about yours or share some feedback on this one.

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