Minimal White Office Style Desk

Take it or leave it, the title of this post on Reddit was threaded RGB Needed signalling the lack of any fancy strip lighting you typically see in a lot of these gaming desk ideas. There is something to be said though for a setup that is more traditional but still packs a punch with it’s visual appeal and more impressive is seeing a lot of users suggest that the Reddit user Harrypain14 no bother changing a thing.  After taking a long look at it we might have to agree although adding a single white LED strip wouldn’t be the worst idea either.

Needless to say this office desk rocks an impressive clean design and is extremely easy and affordable to setup if you’re looking to change your workspace. The only thing Harrypain14 mentioned was using a tablesaw to cut the tabletop in half…although it’s not terribly necessary if you’d like some more desk space.

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